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What are my child custody options in Pennsylvania?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2018 | child custody, Firm News |

One of the most overwhelming things about child custody is that all of the different options and types of settlements can seem confusing and difficult to navigate. As a parent going through a child custody settlement, one of the best ways that you can prepare is by understanding all of the different options available to you and what they mean.

The types of custody that you choose will depend largely on your circumstances as a family. It may be that you wish to coparent and share responsibility for your child equally with the other parent, or it might be the case that you think the other parent poses a danger to the child and you want to make sure that your child is fully protected.

Sole custody

If you decide to seek sole custody, this means that you will have full responsibility and parental rights for your child. This is usually a result of the other parent not being in the picture at all, or of the judge determining that the other parent poses a significant risk to the child.

Joint custody

Judges prefer to grant joint custody whenever possible, because it means that the child can benefit from a relationship with both of his or her parents. Usually this is combined with a parenting agreement that allows parents to work together.

It is important to consider physical custody and legal custody. Many judges are now deciding to grant legal custody even when they have not granted physical custody over the child. If you are confused over the options available to you in your child custody case, it is important that you research fully so you are well-prepared.

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