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What are defenses to a DUI charge?

Although charges for driving under the influence of alcohol are fairly common, it is quite a serious charge that comes with consequences. It is never a charge to be taken lightly, and it is never one to be simply dismissed as "bad luck" if you believe that you were wrongfully charged.

What happens if you violate your probation?

When you are put on probation and you break the terms in one way or another, this is known as a violation of probation. This can be a very serious offense, but it could also be considered a minor one. It all depends on what terms of the probation you broke and what consequence it had.

What are my child custody options in Pennsylvania?

One of the most overwhelming things about child custody is that all of the different options and types of settlements can seem confusing and difficult to navigate. As a parent going through a child custody settlement, one of the best ways that you can prepare is by understanding all of the different options available to you and what they mean.


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