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What's a C Corporation?

If you're in the process of forming a business, you've probably heard the term "C corporation," as it's one of the legal structures that will be available to you as a business model. If you choose to form your business as a C corporation, specific tax rules will apply to your business. As such, before you choose this model, you may want to familiarize yourself with this structure, it's potential benefits, and whether it's right for you and your needs as a business owner.

Options for incorporating your personal training business

If you've gone through the effort to become a certified personal trainer, it's likely that your intention is to go into business for yourself. You might be wondering what type of corporate structure is most ideal for this industry though. For the purpose of this analysis, we're going to compare the pros and cons of setting up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) versus a Sole Proprietorship (SP).

How do I start my own eBay business?

There are many stories of people managing to quit their 9 to 5 job in order to pursue the successes of their eBay selling or other e-commerce selling tools. But the road from a casual stream of income to a fully fledged online business can be a confusing one.

How to start a massage business

If you have an education in massage therapy, you may want to take your passion to the next level and start your own business. Being a massage therapist can be a lucrative career option, especially because there does not need to be many overhead costs to get it started. If you work remotely at clients' homes, it means that you will not have to rent out a vicinity for your business.

Registering your business as an app developer

Paying taxes can seem daunting, and although there is a great deal more work in freelance app development, many developers avoid quitting their day job because they are daunted by the prospect of registering their business and doing their own taxes.


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