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Probate And Estate Administration

Many people are overwhelmed by the passing of a loved one. Funeral arrangements, sorting through belongings and locating personal papers can all be paralyzing. The administration of a loved one’s estate can be stressful, especially when considering the emotions that can be brought on by their passing. At Latrobe Law Associates, LLC, our goal is to help ease the anxiety of the estate administration process by assisting the estate’s representatives through the legal requirements necessary to effectively administer and close the estate. We are prepared to handle the probate process for both testate (Will) and intestate (No Will) estates.

Among the primary responsibilities of a personal representative are the marshaling of the decedent’s assets, payment of debts and administration fees, preparation of an inheritance tax return that satisfies the Department of Revenue’s requirements, and distribution of the decedent’s property to the appropriate heirs. Our attorneys know how stressful these responsibilities can be, so it is our goal to handle the completion of these objectives while taking the burden off of those still grieving.

With all that you have going on, it is critical to have the assistance of competent counsel to navigate the probate process. Making a mistake, or sometimes just missing a deadline, can result in the incurring of fees or missing discounts that diminish the estate for you or other heirs. From probating the estate, to probate litigation, to preparation of the inheritance tax return, we can ensure that the process goes smoothly and keep you in compliance with probate deadlines.

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