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Divorce can be an emotional and difficult experience. Who will take the house? Pay which bills? How will custody be managed? Am I entitled to support? Do I pay support, and if so, how much? Considering all of these questions and many others can make divorce seem like an insurmountable experience. At Latrobe Law Associates, LLC, attorney John Hauser has 13 years of legal experience and he is here to help you through this difficult time.

Know The Law

Because divorce is intimidating, couples sometimes want to ease into divorce and desire a form of “legal separation.” Many people are surprised to learn that Pennsylvania actually does not have any law providing for a marital status of “legally separated.” In other instances, a couple may believe they are “common-law married” because they have “lived together for seven years.” This is also a misconception as the Pennsylvania legislature has rendered common-law marriage proactively invalid after January 1, 2005. While common-law marriages created prior to January 1, 2005, may still be valid, the creation of a common-law marriage is actually very different than many people think and is not created automatically after seven years of cohabitation.

Common misconceptions such as these are good reasons why you need to consult with an attorney before you separate from your spouse or move out of the marital home.

At Latrobe Law Associates, LLC, our attorneys have extensive experience handling divorce, custody, support and alimony issues. Additionally, you can rest assured that if your case is accepted, it will be handled by attorney Hauser personally, rather than handed off to a younger associate as it frequently occurs at larger volume firms.

Getting Acquainted With You And Your Case

Many people are afraid to contact an attorney regarding their divorce for reasons of cost. While we cannot give free consultations on divorce matters, we do charge a flat rate of $195 for the initial meeting. At this meeting, we collect an overview of the information necessary to handle your case and answer as many questions as you may have regarding divorce, custody, support and other matters so that you have a firm understanding of your case and what to expect. Because the initial meeting most often takes one to two hours, this fee is a substantial discount from an hourly fee. We do this because we want to get to know you and your case, and make sure that your questions are answered without having to watch the clock.

If you choose to retain us, we will send you a retainer agreement that provides for hourly billing and use the information obtained at the initial meeting to immediately begin work on your behalf.

Contact Us

We hope you are not in a position that you need a divorce. But if you do need a divorce, or if you think you might be separating, you should consult with an attorney experienced and educated in the area of family law immediately. Call us today to schedule a consultation regarding your case — dial 724-804-8430 or reach us by email.