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Car Accidents

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When you are involved in an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, or any other incident on the road that results in an injury, many of the signs of that injury may not be readily apparent. Frequently, the rise in adrenaline levels that occurs with a stressful situation such as an automobile accident may mask symptoms of serious neck and back injuries for hours, or even until the following day. Delaying treatment of these injuries can seriously undermine the credibility of your case, even after your injuries require weeks or months of treatment.

For these reasons, following an accident, you should exchange all relevant information with the other party or parties involved and have a medical examination of all possible injuries resulting from the accident. Also, if possible, have a friend or family member document all relevant details of the accident, including the names of potential witnesses and photographs of hazards contributing to the accident as soon as possible. An example of such a hazard is tree branches obscuring a stop sign, which may be trimmed by the municipality within days or hours of the accident.

At Latrobe Law Associates, LLC, attorney John Hauser will use these details and others to promptly collect and preserve evidence and advance your case. By collecting your medical records, interviewing witnesses, and gathering accident reports and police documents, we will prepare your case for trial. While most cases are settled prior to trial, the best way to get the greatest settlement for your claim is to immediately build the strongest case possible. This gives a defendant and their insurance company no alternative but to pay your claim or go to trial.

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No case is too big. We will be happy to meet with you and evaluate your claim free of charge. If we accept your case, we will likely accept it on a contingency, meaning that there is no fee unless we recover money for you.

Nearly all personal injury attorneys practice on a contingency basis; however, in addition to this arrangement, we are different in that we offer a graduated fee schedule with fees beginning at a lower percentage than most other firms and only increasing as the litigation progresses, so that our fee corresponds more closely to the work expended.

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