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Spousal Support

Latrobe Spousal Support Attorneys

If you are separating from your spouse, you may not be aware that the spouse who makes less money than the other is often entitled to spousal support beginning as soon as you no longer cohabitate and share expenses. This is just one of many factors in determining whether you should move out of your residence at the present time, or whether it is better to delay this action for a period of time.

Also, many people do not know that spousal support may be set at as much as 40% percent of the difference between your respective incomes, or even more, depending on such factors as the possession of the residence and who is responsible for the mortgage. In cases involving child support, this amount is reduced to 30% of the income difference after adjustments for child support; however, when you add spousal support to child support in such instances, the total payment may be as much as one-half of the net income of the party paying support.

Additionally, it is important to note that certain issues with your divorce can terminate the right to spousal support. For instance, if the spouse receiving support is living with a new boyfriend or girlfriend, they may not be entitled to spousal support. However, if you are the spouse receiving support and cohabiting with a new romantic partner, a skilled attorney may be able to maintain your right to receive support by filing a claim on your behalf for alimony pendente lite, which is a Latin term for “alimony pending litigation.”

Do Not Delay In Seeking Counsel

When the financial stakes are so high, and because undermining your source of financial support can undermine every other aspect of your case, it is critical to consult with an experienced family law attorney prior to separation. So if you are separating from your spouse, even if you are not expecting to divorce, do not delay in consulting qualified legal counsel to consider your situation. Call our office today to schedule a consultation regarding your situation: reach us by email or dial 724-804-8430