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January 2018 Archives

Pennsylvania’s new approach to drug sentencing

Across the United States, penalties for drug crimes, from drug use to selling and distributing, are slowly but surely being reformed. Much of the time, inspiration on drug penalties can come from European countries. Portugal is one good example. Portugal took the decision in the early 2000's to decriminalize drug use, reinvesting the money saved from jail maintenance into drug rehabilitation programs.

Pennsylvania drug-free zone laws

Illegal drug use in public spaces is always a serious offense. However, there are additional laws and policies intended to limit the presence of drug use near children. Therefore, those who get caught using, buying or selling drugs in close proximity to schools or in other drug-free zones are likely to face even harsher penalties than others accused of the same offense.

Considering temporary custody arrangements

Many parents, when faced with a divorce, will immediately decide to file for full custody of their child. It might be an impulsive decision, or one based on anger or resentment toward the other parent. However, it is important to make every effort to consider what is in the best interests of your child or children when going through a custody battle, and temporary custody may be a good solution for this.


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