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Reasons why you have been denied custody

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2017 | child custody, Firm News |

There are so many advice columns and articles giving suggestions to single parents about how they can gain full or partial custody of their child after a separation. However, this might be of little help to you if you have been denied custody of your child and you do not know why.

The following are some reasons why the courts may have denied you custody of your child.

Evidence of anger or threatening communication

With the use of today’s technology, any communication that you have had with your former partner using text message, email or verbal communication could potentially be used as evidence against you. Any type of hostile communication could mean that the courts decide that the child should not be in your care.

Drug and alcohol abuse

The courts believe that it is not in the best interests of any child to be exposed to the excessive use of alcohol, or the use of drugs. Therefore, if you have had any allegations about alcohol or drug use made against you, the courts will take this very seriously.

Not being an active parent

If you want partial or full custody of your child, then you should take an active interest in their schooling, and their extracurricular activities. The courts need to see that you have a sense of responsibility and engagement when it comes to their progression and growth.

If you have been denied custody of your child, it does not mean the end of the road. If you show commitment to being a parent, your appeal may be successful.

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