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Turning your ice cream passion into a business

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2017 | business formation & planning, Firm News |

Although the ice cream industry used to be a seasonal business reaching a peak in the hot summer months, recent years have seen an increase in the popularity of year-round ice cream parlors and frozen yogurt restaurants. It’s becoming easier than ever to set up your own small ice cream business or even a franchise.

If you are thinking about turning your passion for ice cream or frozen yogurt into a business of your own, you first of all need to consider several factors that will ensure that your business will be a success.

Do your research

When starting out in any business, research — and high quantities of it — is the absolute key to success. You need to know your target customer base and the nature of their buying habits, as well as the services that are already available to them. From this research you should be able to establish a unique selling point, whether it lies in product, price or service.

Choose a location

When it comes to ice cream parlors or any other kind of restaurant, location can mean the difference between success or failure. The quality of the location versus the rental value must also be weighed in, because rental prices can affect the bottom line.

Present your business plan

Create a detailed business plan and present it to potential investors so that you have a sound financial backing.

Once you have an investment, it is important to take all the necessary legal steps to register your ice cream business and complete your taxes. If you have any questions or concerns about this, it is advisable to seek trusted legal guidance.

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