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How to Choose a Divorce and Custody Attorney

Choosing the right attorney to guide you through your divorce and/or custody matter is the first step to advancing your case and can be one of the most important decisions that you make in the course of your divorce or custody matter. When seeking family law counsel you should not simply hire the first attorney you meet. Rather, it is crucial to do your homework by reviewing such things as the attorney's qualifications, experience level, and past client satisfaction. Even if you received a referral to a family law attorney from a friend or another lawyer, these suggestions still apply. Most competent counsel will very likely charge a consultation fee for this initial meeting, but rest assured this is money well spent to ensure you are comfortable with your counsel and get educated on your case.

Considering temporary custody arrangements

Many parents, when faced with a divorce, will immediately decide to file for full custody of their child. It might be an impulsive decision, or one based on anger or resentment toward the other parent. However, it is important to make every effort to consider what is in the best interests of your child or children when going through a custody battle, and temporary custody may be a good solution for this.

Objecting to the adoption of your child

When you are the parent of a child, one of your key rights is to be able to give consent or to be able to object to the adoption of your child. If you are an unmarried father of a child, and the biological mother wants to have the child adopted, then you have the right to object. In order to be able to contest the adoption, you first must have had paternity established.

Reasons why you have been denied custody

There are so many advice columns and articles giving suggestions to single parents about how they can gain full or partial custody of their child after a separation. However, this might be of little help to you if you have been denied custody of your child and you do not know why.

What custody rights do you have toward your teen?

In a situation where you share custody of your teenage child with your ex partner, you have certain visitation rights, parental rights and the right to know certain information about your child when he or she is under the age of 18. But when a child grows old enough to make his or her own informed and personal decisions, as well as his or her own preferences, he or she can choose which parent he or she would like to live with.

The basics of child custody in Pennsylvania

Going through a divorce or separation can be a stressful time, and one of your biggest concerns will likely be related to creating a stable and safe environment for your children. Divorce can be a very big change in a child's life, so making sure that you have all of the groundwork covered for the transition is extremely important.


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