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Getting through a contested divorce

Every divorce is going to involve conflict in one form or another; however, in an ideal situation, each spouse will be able to work through divorce-related issues through discussion and mutual compromise. It's never easy, but there are many services available that help divorcing couples through this, from divorce mediation to counseling and therapy.

So-called "gray divorces" continue unabated

America's divorce rate hovers at about 50 percent. Some years see a bit of an uptick, and others decline slightly, but things generally average out to about half of all first-time marriages ending in divorce. The rates for subsequent marriages are generally higher, at approximately 70 percent.

How to make a decision on a divorce

All marriages have their ups and downs, and no relationship is perfect. Therefore, it can be very confusing when going through a tough time with your spouse as to whether it is a storm you must ride through together, or whether it is a problem that constitutes grounds for a divorce. The reality is that there is no right answer to an issue such as this. There is no rule book, but there are some things to consider so that you can get a good perspective in regard to where your marriage stands.


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