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Defenses to Common Drinking Offenses

In Pennsylvania, the sales and use of alcoholic beverages are strictly regulated. Many people attribute this to our Quaker heritage, much the way that the state of Utah has similar oversight because of their Mormon heritage. Whatever the origin, the Commonwealth is known to perhaps more zealously prosecute alcohol related offenses than other states.

Don’t let the tax bill for your alimony catch you by surprise

If you are headed for divorce, you may expect to receive spousal support, or alimony, as part of your divorce settlement. In cases where one spouse is the main breadwinner and the other takes care of the household, spousal support is often part of the divorce decree. For example, if your husband has been working while you put your career on hold to take care of the kids, then alimony might be in your future.

Don't make LLC formation a DIY project

When forming an LLC, the common wisdom is that doing it yourself is the less expensive option. Because it’s cheaper, people assume that it’s better to set up their LLC on their own rather than work with a business organization attorney.


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