Latrobe Custody Attorney

If you have children, whether you are married or not, separating from your child's parent is a traumatic event. Undoubtedly, your children are the most important people in your world and now they are unavoidably put in the middle of their parent's separation.

Custody Does Not Need to Be a Battle.

Custody does not need to be a battle, but it is almost always prudent when parents separate to have a custody order in place. If both parents agree as to the custody arrangement that you prefer, Attorney Hauser can prepare and present to the Court a Consent Order for Custody. This is a cost-effective solution to manage your custody situation and protect your custody rights without the need for either parent to ever enter a courtroom. Additionally, you get to choose your custody arrangement, rather than having an arrangement forced upon you.

But if it is a Battle...

On the other hand, if custody of your children is in dispute, it is critically important that you consult with an experienced custody lawyer immediately, to get advice and counsel that will place you in the best possible position to protect the welfare of your children and maximize your time with them.

It is essential that you document all relevant interactions regarding custody of your children for use in future custody proceedings, and there may be issues that need to be immediately brought to the Court's attention. Also, under recent legislative changes in custody laws, certain factors play a large part in custody disputes. For instance, certain criminal charges against either parent, including a past conviction for Driving Under the Influence, can require evaluations prior to the entry of a custody Order. The intricacies of the new custody law are one of the many reasons that you should not attempt to handle your custody case on your own.

Do Not Manage Your Custody Case Alone.

With your future and your relationship with your child or children on the line, do not try to manage your custody case on your own. This may be the highest stakes battle of your life. You need competent legal counsel that you can trust to manage your case for you. Call our office today to schedule a meeting regarding your custody case