Latrobe Law Associates, LLC

When you are facing serious legal issues you need more than a zealous lawyer. You need skilled representation from compassionate advocates who put your needs first.

Since 2004, Attorney Hauser, and since 2007, Attorney Rega have been trusted advocates for the legal needs of the citizens of Latrobe and the surrounding communities.

Whether you suffered a personal injury, are going through a divorce, support or custody dispute, have estate or probate needs, have been charged with DUI, are forming a business or have questions about another legal matter, contact us for an assessment of your legal needs today.

At Latrobe Law Associates, Attorney John Hauser will personally handle your legal needs and attend carefully and personally to the particular aspects of your unique situation. Unlike with larger law firms, we do not pass your case off to younger associates to maximize billable hours, and your initial consultation will not be with a paralegal or other office staff. Rather, you will meet with Attorney Hauser who is the Managing Partner of the firm. Also, if we accept these cases, we work on a contingency basis, meaning we only get paid if you get paid.

We offer free consultations for personal injury, wrongful death, and products liability claims. For family law matters we provide a flat rate initial consultation to allow you to make us aware of all relevant details of your case and to ask as many questions as you like without having to watch the clock. After the initial consultation, we then bill family law cases on an hourly basis.

In all cases, but especially in personal injury, wrongful death and products liability matters, it is critical to act quickly and effectively to preserve all of the evidence that establishes your claim. It is important that you do not delay in speaking to an attorney regarding your claim, as evidence often may not be easily identified. For instance in a products liability case in which a carbon monoxide detector failed to deploy resulting in the death of the home resident, Attorney Hauser was contacted and quickly obtained 911 dispatch recordings including radio transmissions between emergency personnel. These recordings would have been destroyed as a matter of course, if not quickly retrieved. However, by preserving this evidence, critical details of the case could not be disputed by the product manufacturer, resulting in a resolution of the claim for a sizeable amount of money in a confidential settlement.


Strategic advocacy can save you considerable time and aggravation, substantially reduce your litigation expenses, and in many instances increase your recovery .

Of course, we can never take a quick resolution for granted, and that is why we prepare each and every case expecting to go to trial. We firmly believe that the best way to get the best resolution on your behalf is to negotiate from a position of strength.

So if you are looking for a:

  • DUI or Criminal Defense Attorney,
  • Estate Planning Attorney,
  • Family Law Attorney,
  • Insurance Attorney,
  • Litigator,
  • Personal Injury Attorney,
  • Probate and Estate Administration Attorney,
  • Product Liability Attorney,

    ... or are forming a business, look no further. We are experienced and qualified in each of these areas and we would be happy to talk with you about your case.